25 Tech Skills Every Teacher Should Possess

Below is a list of 25 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Possess based on my experience as well as articles by Laura Turner and Bernie Poole.

  1. Word processing skills (MS Word tutorial)
  2. Spreadsheet/database skills (Excel tutorial, Database tutorial)
  3. Electronic presentation skills (PowerPoint, KeyNote, Notebook video tutorial)
  4. Web navigation/search skills (Internet basics)
  5. Basic hardware setup/connectivity knowledge and skills (Hardware tutorial)
  6. Website design skills (Blogger, WordPress, Google Sites, Advanced web design)
  7. E-mail management skills (Gmail tutorial & tips)
  8. Digital cameras (still & video) (Basic digital photography)
  9. Basic multimedia design skills (Movie Maker tutorial, iMovie)
  10. Computer network knowledge applicable to your school system (Network basics)
  11. File management (basic concepts & tutorial)
  12. Downloading software from the Internet (Step-by-step instructions)
  13. Installing computer software onto a computer system (Here come da bootstrapper)
  14. Knowledge of virtual/e-learning environments (Overview of VLEs)
  15. Videoconferencing skills (Overview, Skype)
  16. Computer-related storage devices (CD/DVDs, USB drives, server storage, online storage, etc.)
  17. Knowledge of scanners (Tips from scanning guru Wayne Fulton)
  18. Knowledge of PDAs, smartphones, etc. (PDA vs. smartphone, smartphone history & overview)
  19. Custom Internet search knowledge (Google custom search)
  20. Educational copyright knowledge (copyright slideshow)
  21. Computer security knowledge and safe practices (Best practices from IU)
  22. Basic troubleshooting skills (Is it plugged in?  Did you reboot? Yes? Then try this.)
  23. Interest in technology (Delete technophobia)
  24. Flexibility
  25. Patience